“The 19th Edition of the European Diplomatic Program” and ”Training Directors’ Meeting”

Between 12-15 June 2019, the Romanian Diplomatic Institute and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with European External Action Service (EEAS), have organized ”the 19th Edition of the European Diplomatic Program” and ”Training Directors’ Meeting”, two events held within the exercise of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The two reunions were conceived in order to encourage the exchange of good practices and of expertise, in the field of diplomacy and professional training, between the member states of the European Union, and also to ensure the cohesion of the European diplomacy. The agendas included working sessions, as well as activities which presented the cultural-historical dimension of Romania to the foreign diplomats.

The central theme, ”European strategic culture”, was approached and debated by the working groups of the ”European Diplomatic Program”, within the framework of the seminars targeting the energetic security, the disinformation phenomenon and sustainable Europe. Inside of ”Training Directors’ Meeting” were discussed the development of the leadership skills in diplomacy, the training of the consular personnel and the technique of ”teaching through games” (gamification). The agendas included the attendance to a concert of the George Enescu Philharmonic, at the Romanian Athenaeum, visits to Cotroceni National Museum and to Romanian National Museum of Art, being concluded with an exploration of the history of Peleș and Bran Castles.