ForeignDiplo@RDI 2019

The second edition of ”ForeignDiplo”, which took place between 25th of November and 6th of December 2019, has had by its side diplomats from the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Pacific.

ForeignDiplo@IDR 2019 EN

Thought to be a training module aimed at getting to know Romania and its region, the ”ForeignDiplo2019@RDI” program has harmoniously blended lectures with debates, visits to the historic and cultural institutions with visits to the administrative ones, to offer to the participants a comprehensive view over our country and the region of its emplacement.

This year, the themes of discussions and thoughts have focused on multilateralism, the challenges of the 21st century diplomacy, the great powers’ competition, the impact of technology on diplomacy, the regional and cyber-security, economic diplomacy and architecture of the EU.

ForeignDiplo2019@RDI spread over the participants the thrill of Romania and of its region, while their delight was total!

ForeignDiplo@IDR 2019 EN

December 13, 2019