China-EU Relations and the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Romania


This year, the bilateral relations between Romania and China are 70 years old. On this occasion, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Bucharest and the Romanian Diplomatic Institute have organized the seminar ”China-EU Relations and the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Romania”, whereat the exchanges of good practices in the key-fields for the global development and the importance of the partnerships in every fundamental area have been reiterated.
H.E Madam Ambassador of PRC, Jiang Yu, along with the Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association, Chen Yuming, with the Director of Department for Asia-Pacific Security and Cooperation Studies of China Institute of International Studies, Liu Qing, and with the Director of Central and Eastern European Research Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Ding Chao, has emphasized not only how the Romanian culture reflects itself in the Chinese one and the other way around, but also that any difficulties – caused by distance or by language differences – can be easily overcome, when two states are determined to go in the same direction. Multilateralism needs to become a foundation of the China-Romania and China-EU cooperation able to create innovative ideas that could be implemented all over, such as the latest ones in the field of technology and of the environment protection.
The Director-General of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, Dan Petre, and H.E. Viorel Isticioaia-Budura, Romanian MFA’s Special Representative for Asia, have highlighted China’s growth not only as an economic player but also as the EU’s strategic partner, since 1976. The Director of the Institute for World Economy, Simona Moagăr-Poladian, and the Academician Gheorghe Zaman have stated the impact of commerce with China, nationally and globally, and the changes it will bring in the future.

October 9, 2019